A little update…

The growing season is now in full swing! The last of the artichokes are keeping the bees happy, we have two mighty squash on the way and we’ve had more courgettes, tomatoes and eggs than we can eat quickly enough so we’ve been sharing too. In return we’ve had, amongst many other things, potatoes from Nonna and tenderstem and beets from Granda and Nana. 

Eggs? Yes that’s right, about a month ago we rescued three commercial laying hens destined for the chop with the help of the amazing British Hen Welfare Trust. The work they do for chicken welfare is marvellous and if you’re thinking about adding a flock to your allotment or garden then you should definitely check them out. They have lots of great advice on their site too for first timers and experts alike.

Here are a few shots of Amma, Betty and Xuli :

Any guesses as to where they got their names?

Keeping chickens is great fun. It’s lovely to see some of their feathers coming back and to see them begin to demonstrate some of their natural chicken behaviour.

Little Pea is loving being a chicken keeper and is enjoying our daily visits to the girls to do some peckin’! (There are lots of chicken songs and actions going on round here at the moment!)

Jobs to do now include harvesting our potatoes and getting a winter bed ready. Even with a little one we’ve managed a modest harvest this year and are hoping to build on it in the future. 
Now here’s hoping for a lovely hot and (occasionally) showery August to ripen all our squash!

Keep it green,

Allotment Virgins


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