Allotment days!

So the second week of May shows up and is all like, “maybe you should plant some squash seeds now…” This little voice gets me every year and although I haven’t started a lot from seed myself this year (thanks family and friends for your spares!) I couldn’t ignore the siren call of the curcubit family and away we went! 

With great squash though comes a great need for space to grow them in. The plant itself can take a tiny patch but the foliage of most varieties will need a big space to trail (‘it keeps the weeds down!’ – me, every year…) but if you haven’t a lot of space you can still have squash – try this

And so we headed up to the plot for a couple of family working party days. One with Nonna and Brian and the other with my Dad & Sue and together we have managed to clear loads, strim, plant potatoes, strim again, and most importantly, get the first squash of the year in the ground. This one is my all-time favourite – the ‘Crown Prince’, all steely blue skin and bright orange flesh which roasts well and makes the best ever squash soup!

Little P has enjoyed playing in the grass and having milk and allotment naps and visiting our friendly neighbour plots. I’ve been able to do things I’ve not been able to do for ages, like use the strimmer and the rotavator which is immensely satisfying. It’s a great sense of achievement but also it just feels so good to be out in the fresh air working in the soil. 

As ever, a big thanks goes to our family for lending an extra hand and also to the chaps from the flats next door who spotted that we may have had a loose spark plug which let us get rotavating (and now I’ve remembered how to adjust the front wheel properly there’ll be no stopping us!)

A great couple of trips were enjoyed by all and both times we had three generations growing together which is what it’s all about! (I also got to have a go driving Brian’s cool allotment van which was great fun!)

Here’s a few before and after shots of our recent trip to the plot:

A before and after shot in one! Believe it or not this had already had a days work on it!
A view from the artichokes
Three Brussels and a tenderstem broccoli
Garlics progressing well with bulbs fattening up nicely!
Potato land

You may notice that the chicken house has moved and is looking like it needs a bit of TLC. Now we need to get ready for the girls!

Keeping it green family style,
Allotment Virgins

P.S. James and Cynthia have given us two new varieties of squash to plant this year, they are a blue guy:

And the Thelma and Louise Squash:

Right, best be off down the plot – you can never feed or water a squash too much! 


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