Simple Pleasures 

I’ve been very fortunate and have worked hard along with my generous and helpful family to have had a year of maternity leave with Little Pea. A new chapter awaits us in the coming weeks when I’ll be heading back to school three days a week for all of the joys and challenges of teaching (that’s another blog entirely!) I’m looking forward to rediscovering that side of myself, seeing my amazing teenagers learning about life (and if possible, French) and of course, buying some new pens!

Little Pea will enjoy some Daddy days and she’ll be having some summer adventures with the fab Steph McGee and her little buddy Elvis too. 

As change awaits us I find it helpful to anchor myself in the simple pleasures of life that provide a constant calm to dip into when things get a bit ‘fizzy’.

These include meditating, writing and reading but nowhere gives me as much joy or peace as in a big bag of compost 🤗

This month we started by making a batch of home-grown rhubarb gin. Inspired by my very cool Geordie brethren instabuddies Locally Seasonal, we got some juicy pink stalks from Little Lottie and with some sugar and leftover gin (really?!?) we made a fabulous pink batch of gin which is infusing as we speak, complete with a label that says, “Do not open until Little Pea’s birthday!” Whilst she’s enjoying some birthday treats we’ll celebrate an amazing year with a Rhubarb Gin Fizz.

In the garden, I’ve enjoyed a morning or two pottering around in the cool, early sunlight planting squash seeds and herbs.

Here are a few pictures of how the garden is getting along:

Brassicas awaiting their new home at the allotment.

Roses in bloom.
Tomatoes 🍅Kindly donated by Dad and Sue
Cornflowers from my Mother’s Day seeds ❤️
Nonna’s cosmos!
Agapanthus and Honeysuckle.
Herb patch including the happiest Lemon Thyme ever!

Finally, any avid readers of the blog will know that when it comes to growing, squash are my one true love. We’re part of a Twitter seed circle this year and hope to share some of the following:

* Black Futsu – a gnarly dude that I can’t wait to try!

* Giant Pink Banana – to match the stroller ☺️

* Blue Kuri Hokkaido – little blue onion squashes.

* Uchiki Kuri – red onion squashes – very fruity and a great alternative to meat in a curry. 

* Crown Prince – big, thick blue skin, bright orange flesh and great for soups.

Coming next : Allotment days and getting ready for the girls 🐓

Enjoying the simple things!

Allotment Virgins


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