First steps

Little Pea is coming up to nine months now and although I’ve still got a fair bit of mending to do (core?!?) I’m feeling stronger and fitter than ever. The first steps we’re talking about today aren’t Little Pea’s (although they are imminent!) but our first steps back onto the allotment as a family in this our glorious new growing season.

Little Pea picking daffs and tulips

We’re enjoying some gorgeous Easter weather here in Oxford at the moment so we took our opportunity to pop on some sun hats and slap on some factor 50+ and to see just what was waiting for us. A world of weeds?

A friendly neighbour chicken
Blackcurrants on their way
Little Pea’s garlics with a few dandelions (helping the bees)

We were pleasantly surprised to find that things were looking pretty good considering and that we’d been able to cash in a little bit of previous years’ efforts to find a fairly decent patch with beautiful bulbs poking their way through the grass, awesome sculptural artichokes heralding our new start and rhubarb for the masses that we could sell for a fortune by weight! (Recipes to follow as the season continues.)

What we found most importantly was a sense of self. Of us as a family. Some things have changed but some have stayed the same – like Wally’s ever useful advice and now we’re ready to get growing!

Feeling inspired!

Allotment Virgins


2 thoughts on “First steps

  1. Hah, I’ve been following you on Twitter without realizing you’re in Oxford too! The weather has been stunning lately hasn’t it? Could really do with some rain now though…

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  2. Hi Abby, thanks for the comment 😀 Yeah we’re in Oxford too, loving the sunshine this afternoon but there are a few plants out there that could do with a good shower or too. Happily we’re somewhat behind this year so our thirstier plants aren’t out just yet!


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