The Fair Maids of February 

Yesterday Little Pea’s Grandma and her fiancé Simon joined us for a trip to Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire. It was a Snowdrop Day and we were lucky enough to catch the start of a great snowdrop talk from one of the excellent Waterperry Gardeners before having a lovely stroll in the sunshine around the gardens. There was lots of early Spring interest to be seen including primulas, beautiful purple hellebores and, of course, carpets of snowdrops of many varieties.

Hellebores at Waterperry

One of my favourite facts that we learned was that the name snowdrop comes from the German Schneeglöckchen which was only given to the plant in the Middle Ages as their shape emulated the popular pearl earring style of the time – a fact that appeals to both the historian and German teacher in me!
Galanthus Atkinsii

Reflections of silver birch

What surprised us all was the amazing scent of the snowdrops, especially that of Galanthus S. Arnott which was almost like honey. Another way to love an already much loved plant.

If you too are a fan of the Fair Maids of February and are in Oxfordshire then pop on over to Waterperry for some great information on how to grow your own and myriad varieties on offer. I’ll be taking the following tips when planting my snowdrops this year:

  • Plant them soon – ‘in the green’. This allows for the plant to draw the energy from the stem when reproducing. 
  • Plant them 8cm deep and 8cm apart.
  • Add some bonemeal and sharp sand to get them going.

If the swathes of snowdrops at Waterperry were anything to go by then this is top advice!

I’ve been wanting to go to the gardens for a long time but am now strong enough for a pleasantly long walk out and about and the weather was very kind to us. Lots of extra pairs of hands made for an easy trip but I’m sure Little Pea will be back for a few more trips this Spring and Summer and the accessibility and facilities make it suitable for all. 

There was lots to do for little ones, good baby changing facilities and the ginger cake in the café was delicious!

Three generations enjoying the Truth Trail at Waterperry

We had such a beautiful day and we enjoyed being outdoors immensely. Being by plants and streams gives me a sense of peace and calm that cannot be replicated. 
Ever hopeful for Spring,
Allotment Virgins


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