19th Hampshire Potato Day – A Derry’s Field Guest Post

Little Pea’s Granda and Nana visited the 19th Hampshire Potato Day on Saturday 28th January at Whitchurch in Hampshire. Located in the Testbourne Centre this event is supported by, amongst others, the Hampshire branch of the National Vegetable Society (NVS), Hampshire Organic Gardening Group and of course the good people of Whitchurch. 

This visit came about following a recommendation from Peter Thatcher (greenhouse erector par excellence and another Derry’s Field allotment holder) who erected our new greenhouse in April last year. We certainly weren’t disappointed! With around 120+ varieties of potato on display it was very difficult to decide which ones we were taking home with us. In the end, we settled for some Red Duke of York and Salad Blue – Organic tubers. 

Despite the number of tubers on display calling this event a potato day is a little bit of a misnomer. Also available, were many varieties of onion, shallot, garlic, peas and beans etc. There was something for everybody. We couldn’t resist the Longfellow Broad Beans supplied by the Hampshire NVS and look forward to the promised bumper flavoursome crop this summer, or the Percy Pepper fun pot – with added snowdrop – that we brought home for Little Pea. 

Other exhibits included; a seed swap run by the Hampshire Organic Growing Group, grow your own cards – each greeting card contains a small packet of seeds, Heritage Seeds from Thomas Etty, local honey and our favourite – bobble hats. These were displayed on top of toilet rolls with faces painted on them!! 

All in all this was a great day out, not least because the people in attendance were as varied as the potatoes on display.

Derry’s Field 


2 thoughts on “19th Hampshire Potato Day – A Derry’s Field Guest Post

  1. I have been going to this event for the last 4 years, and don’t intend to change now. It is definitely the best way to buy potatoes. Just a point of the Red Duke of York ones you bought: if you boil them they tend to fall apart. It’s best to bake or steam them.

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