Nonna’s Marvellous Marmalade 

A couple of weeks ago, Little Pea and I were joined by Nonna to make some marvellous marmalade!

I usually make a batch of marmalade every year but this was Nonna’s first batch and it was a triumph!

We had a lovely afternoon chatting and slicing Seville orange peel before Nonna set off for home to let the peel soak in the perfumed juices overnight and to boil up the batch the next day. 

The result was a gorgeous golden marmalade with a bittersweet tang thanks to a great recipe from the Mistress of the Marmalade – Pam ‘The Jam’ Corbin.

The first preserve of the year, marmalade is relaxing to make, delicious to eat and keeps for up to two years (it usually gets devoured long before however!) I’m really pleased I got to help to make some this year and that Little Pea was happy chatting away to us in her bouncer as we shredded the orange peel. 

I’m now looking forward to the first clicks of rhubarb to make jam for ice cream but I’m getting ahead of myself…

Keep it sweet,

Allotment Virgins


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