A light in the darkness.

This morning, we, like many parents, were awoken at an ungodly hour by a baby who doesn’t understand the concept of the clocks going back (who does?!) and as we were up we thought we’d all get a head start on making the soup for Little P’s christening next week. We’re having a christening/fireworks party and this soup is the perfect accompaniment as things turn chilly.

Squash is my all time favourite thing to grow, cook with and eat. I love everything about them, the seeds, the myriad varieties, everything. Nothing brings as much joy on a cold winter’s day as opening a slate blue Crown Prince Squash to see the colour of sunshine inside. That, and eating them with loads of roasted garlic and sage!

And so we come to this morning’s recipe:


1 large ‘Blue Banana’ squash or similar.

1 bulb garlic

Small bunch fresh sage leaves 

Olive oil

Sea Salt 

Freshly ground black pepper

Organic gluten free chicken stock 700ml approx.

Method – Oven 180• 

1. Prepare the squash. Wash the skin but leave unpeeled. Cut into large wedges and remove the seeds.

2. Place the wedges in a roasting tray. Season with the salt and pepper. Dress in olive oil and scatter with unpeeled garlic cloves.

3. Roast at 180• for 45 minutes or until the squash is soft all the way through.

4. Leave to cool, then scoop out the squash flesh straight into a blender. Peel and add five of the roasted garlic cloves.

5. Add finely chopped sage leaves, to taste and as much stock as you need to cover the squash and blend, adding a little stock as required to reach your desired thickness. 

6. Reheat when ready to eat. Freezes v. well too. Great with a grate of gruyère. Enjoy on a cold autumn day, preferably at a fireworks christening party! 

Squash soup, packed and ready for Saturday.

This a simple recipe but one of the great joys of the growing year. Autumn is my favourite season. Of course, we have the bounty of the year’s harvest, but what I like best is that as things turn darker and colder, we do whatever we can to bring in the warmth and light.

Keep it cosy,

Allotment Virgins


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